Oxidize Global Workshop and CfP announcement

Last week, we announced Oxidize Global, a 4 day online Rust conference with workshops, talks and Impl. days happening all around the world. Oxidize Global takes place on July 17-20, 2020. Read our full announcement over here.

Today, we are announcing our workshop program and our Call for Papers. Tickets for the workshops can be purchased on the main website, and proposals may be submitted on our CfP page.


As with last years Oxidize, we will provide 2 embedded Rust workshops: one for beginners and one advanced workshop. You can take both on one day.

Because Oxidize Global is a global event, we want to maximise the ability for people in all timezones to attend. For that reason we have picked 7am CEST and 7pm CEST as the time for our workshop blocks - which should allow many people to connect and attend the workshops.

For those that can attend both, there's an option to book a combined ticket.

The beginner workshops need no previous Rust knowledge, though getting used to the syntax and environment in advance helps following.

Workshop Hardware

Nordic Semiconductor logo

We are very happy to announce that this year's workshop hardware is provided by Nordic Semiconductor! Nordic will provide the hardware and logistics for everything to arrive at your location before the workshop.

Our workshops this year will focus on developing software for the Nordic nRF52840 SoC, including wireless communication.

Each workshop attendee will be provided an nRF52840 DK and an nRF52840 Dongle.

Thank you to Nordic for sponsoring Oxidize Global!

Call for Papers, now with more options

Today, we are also opening our Call for Papers! It is open until May 31st.

Oxidize Global being an online conference means we have to change a how speaker perks work. Previous editions of Oxidize would have a budget of 400 EUR per European speaker to invest into their travel. This money will instead be provided as follows:

  • A 200 EUR reimbursement to buy a good microphone and other audio equipment, if needed
  • A 200 EUR budget speakers fee. If for whatever reason the speaker fee can't be accepted, we offer to donate it instead to a selection of non-profits.

Multilingual speakers

Additionally, speakers can now choose to submit a talk in their preferred language instead of English. Preferably, the proposal is submitted in English if possible for ease of the translation committee.

This allows us to provide relevant talks to all our audience around the world! See our CfP Guidelines for details.