Your products have to be safe, fast, small, and secure. Hundreds of companies have already chosen Rust as part of their toolbox, for everything from Embedded Systems to Frontend Applications.

Let Ferrous Systems help you craft a stable solution for your needs.

Rust Training
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You want to adopt Rust but need to get your team up to speed? We offer personalized, hands-on training to small and large organisations

Embedded Systems
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Considering Rust for your next Bare Metal or Embedded Linux project? Our team of developers can help kick-start your development process

Long Term Support
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Have a library, tool, or compiler version you rely on? We provide long term support as a service for specific crates or compiler toolchains

Proof of Concept Development
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Already know what you need, but you aren't sure how to make it real? Let us help you figure out the shortest path to a working prototype of your application or hardware

Truly cross-platform: WebAssembly
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You need core logic for your app that works on all smartphone platforms, your web frontend, and your backend? Through WebAssembly (WASM), Rust can be deployed on all those

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