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We provide consulting and made-to-measure solutions based on our expertise in Rust programming. Let us help give your business a boost by making your systems faster and more reliable.

Our clients


We provide a one-stop-shop service for businesses that want to harness the power of Rust.

From consulting, development and implementation to training and long-term support.


Whether you have a specific problem or are just curious about how Rust can help you, we provide unique experience and expertise. We will work with you to determine how Ferrous Systems can help your company.

Development & Implementation

Are you considering Rust for your next bare metal project, or do you need a core logic that is truly cross-platform? We offer solutions – which we either develop with you or deliver ready-to-use – for a large variety of domains.

Training & Support

We at Ferrous Systems have helped develop Rust and have been working with the language for years. We offer a wide range of training courses in which we share our expert knowledge with beginners and advanced developers.

What our clients say

Ferrous Systems’ experience in embedded systems and the Rust programming language was essential to the successful development of a low-latency, hard-real-time proof-of-concept evaluation platform implemented in Rust.
Brad Gibson, CTO, Software Systems, Sarcos Robotics
Not only do Ferrous Systems provide excellent technical support on which we can rely. Having a lot of experience in organizing embedded Rust training, they have proved a tremendous sparring partner on developing our own workshop material. Ferrous' tailor-made training session on bootloaders with Rust was received very well by all participants.
Erik Jonkers, Co-owner & Software engineer, Tweede golf
With the increasing discussion regarding the adoption of Rust device drivers in the Linux kernel and industry implementing virtio backends using the rustVMM project, our team needed a comprehensive place to start. Ferrous systems ‘Introduction to Rust’ proved to be a perfect fit.
Mike Holmes, Director of Performance and Enablement, Linaro
[We] were contemplating the value of entry-level Rust trainings when so many options exist, but Ferrous lived up to its reputation of delivering high quality intermediate-to-advanced engagements and brought that expertise down to a level where folks from many areas of SUSE could incorporate Rust into their Hack Week projects. A special thanks to Anatol for almost solely delivering the instructor experience, answering everyone’s question in a timing and accurate manner, and hosting trainings at such short notice.
Nick Gerace, Software Engineer @SUSE, Founder of Rust Cloud Native

What is Rust used for?
Probably for more than you think!

Having worked on the Rust project for years, Ferrous Systems offers a unique combination of experience, expertise and enthusiasm that will help you benefit from the advantages of Rust.

Why Rust?

Solid Systems

Solid Systems

Rust is type- and memory-safe. It reduces a lot of common bugs and can prevent attacks. Coding errors are detected early on, therefore costing you less.
Parallel Programming

Parallel Programming

Rust was designed specifically to handle concurrent and parallel programming: It will catch mistakes before the program is even run. Concurrency bugs are minimized, adding to Rust’s safety.
Performance & Efficiency

Performance & Efficiency

Rust is built for speed. With no runtime or garbage collector slowing it down, it is blazingly fast and can help improve the cost efficiency of your systems.


Empowering your teams to get the most out of Rust - our customizable training programs


3-5 days
Our standard workshop covers an introduction to the Rust Programming Language, advanced Rust subjects, as well as your choice of a domain-specific focus. This course is designed to provide a good basis for using Rust.


4-8 hours
We also offer introductory workshops for conferences or company events. These workshops provide a general overview of the language by focusing on a specific aspect. All you need to know about Rust in a nutshell – delivered in an entertaining and inspiring format.


We provide customized trainings for developers wishing to specialize in a specific area of Rust development, such as embedded systems, WebAssembly, or network programming. We design trainings sessions tailored to your needs. Get in touch to find out more!


Interested in Rust? Need assistance with your next project? Get in touch with us.