The last few weeks at Ferrous Systems

Looking back at our first weeks as a company

Hello everyone and welcome to our first blog post! We became a little silent after announcing this company at RustConf. This was mostly due to finalising all the paperwork. We wanted to take the chance to introduce ourselves a little and talk about our first month of business.


First of all: RustConf! Katharina and James gave two great talks about interfacing between C/C++ and Rust, and embedded Rust respectively.

You can watch these talks here!

New Faces

The crew of Ferrous Systems is already extended by two new faces: Alekesy Kladov and Tyler Neely.

Aleksey specializes in Rust dev-tools and worked on Cargo and IntelliJ Rust. He is based in St. Petersburg will support Ferrous Systems for toolchain and language development concerns. Ferrous will also support his work on Rust tooling such as rust-analyzer.

Tyler is a distributed systems engineer with a lot of experience in network programming and especially distributed testing. See a talk of his from RustFest earlier this year here. Tyler is the author of the sled database.

FOSS support

Ferrous Systems is from the FOSS community and wants to give back. And we already started. We're currently sponsoring these projects:

Business development

To give the community a rough idea of where our ecosystem is, we'd like to give you a regular overview of our business development.

While we can't go into details, Ferrous Systems has found enough clients to become sustainable for the first months right at the start.

Training sales are doing well, both on the networking and the embedded side. Find our training offer here. This allows us to further diversify our training offers soon, for example by introducing embedded-specific trainings or advanced trainings with different focus points.

Most of Ferrous Systems is currently doing Rust embedded systems work commercially, something we didn't expect so early.

Meet us at RustFest!

Many of us will be at RustFest, as organisers, visitors and speakers. Come by and say hi!

Contract us!

Ferrous Systems is a group of extremely motivated and experienced Rust engineers with previous track records in their respective fields. We can help you hit the ground running with very high traction.

We bring a lot of experience both in networking/distributed systems development and embedded development and are as such highly interested in clients in the IoT space.

We're currently talking to many prospective clients. But we still have free capacity, so we'd like to hear from you! We'd especially like to hear from you if your project is planned to be open-sourced, for which we give sizeable rebates!

If you are thinking about getting a training beginning next year, now is the time to ask!

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