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Rust Summer Classes

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Rust Summer Classes

Learn Rust in Berlin

Published on 3 min read

    Ferrous Systems has moved! Besides travelling all over the world to train people in Rust, we are now able to offer courses in our new space in Berlin. We are kicking off this new service with our Rust Summer Classes!

    Whether you’re just starting to learn Rust or are an accomplished Rustacean, we’re eager to share wisdom and techniques to sharpen your skills and boost your career. Over the next 12 weeks, we are offering our whole range of courses, including some new ones, at an introductory price.

    All classes offered below will be given in English. We also offer many of our trainings in German, Contact us for more details.


    For this summer special, we’re introducing the Masterclasses, a series of one-day trainings focused on building on your existing Rust skills to improve performance and workflow. These classes are based on topics we’ve covered in our longer commercial trainings, and we’ve broken the following topics out for folks who have already started using Rust:

    Effortless Rust

    Anyone who has used Rust has experienced some degree of frustration when compiling their own code or trying to use someone else’s library. This one-day Masterclass will focus on intermediate and advanced techniques for finding harmony with the compiler, personal workflow optimization, and making libraries that are a joy for others to use.

    Masterclass: Effortless Rust


    Maximum Performance Multithreading

    Our server CPUs are no longer seeing the same year-over-year dramatic speed increases as they once were. Instead, we are getting many more cores, often with weaker memory ordering guarantees. This advanced Masterclass will introduce users to atomic synchronization primitives, lock-free programming, some useful theoretical background in queue theory and parallel systems, tools for measuring and debugging concurrent systems, and testing techniques that are proven to shake out bugs quickly and deterministically where possible. Additionally, lots of war stories of the mis-application of all techniques will be shared to help attendees build a risk model in their minds of when it is appropriate to push certain techniques over others. A variety of trade-offs will be discussed for diverse workloads, and attendees will walk away free from the tyranny of the Mutex!

    Masterclass: Maximum Performance Multithreading


    Introductory Workshops

    In our Introductory Workshops, besides the basic syntax, you will learn about Rust’s type system, the ownership model, and concurrent programming. After completing several hands-on programming projects, you know how to use crates, write modules, handle errors, assign traits and test your program. Part of the Three Day Introductory Workshop will cover topics chosen by participants. The Weekend Beginner Course is a condensed version of this.

    Three Day Introductory Workshop

    2019-07-31 to 2019-08-02 9:00 - 18:00

    Weekend Beginner Course

    2019-08-17 to 2019-08-18 9:00 - 18:00

    Three Day Introductory Workshop

    2019-09-23 to 2019-09-25 9:00 - 18:00

    This course qualifies for Bildungsurlaub. Contact us for details.

    Embedded Training

    Beginner Embedded Training

    This training is aimed at developers who are familiar with Rust, as well as embedded systems, and are looking to learn more about embedded Rust. In this one day course, we will start with blinking LEDs and work our way to sending and receiving radio packets, while creating a collective piece of art. Let yourself be surprised!

    Beginner Embedded Training

    2019-09-20 10:00 - 18:00

    This course qualifies for Bildungsurlaub. Contact us for details.

    Advanced Embedded Training

    If you have already begun working with embedded Rust, but would like to push your knowledge and understanding further, this course is aimed at you. This course focuses on the development of a non-blocking Hardware Abstraction Layer driver for the Nordic nRF52. Contact us if you are interested in this class.

    Our local trainings include lunch, coffee, cold beverages and childcare if needed. Get in touch with us for accessibility needs or student and diversity pricing.

    Have any questions? Send us an email!