Oxidize - The Embedded Rust Conference

The Embedded Rust Conference

Published on 4 min read

    Now that we have announced OxidizeConf, we wanted to share a bit more detail about what is going on behind the scenes, what we have planned already, and what to expect. Some details may change as we get closer to the final date.


    • We're currently planning four days total: One for workshops, one for talks, and two for Embedded Impl Days
    • We expect to have the conference during the week, Monday to Thursday, or Tuesday to Friday
    • The final dates are not set, but we are looking in the late April to early May timeline, in Berlin, Germany
    • Ticket presales are open on our website, and presale tickets will be refundable until 2 weeks after we announce the final dates
    • We're working on booking a venue, once that is done we can finalize the dates
    • Presales and newsletter signups help us determine how large of a venue to book, and will help us obtain sponsors for the event, so please purchase a ticket or sign up for the newsletter if you are interested!
    • We will have the event no matter the size, whether it is 20 or 200 attendees!

    Where it Started

    Earlier this year, I put out a poll on twitter to measure the interest for an embedded rust conference. Nearly 100 people responded that they would be interested in workshops, talks, impl days, or all of the above.

    As the interest for developing Embedded Systems in the Rust Programming Language is growing so quickly, particularly due to the push to make it a first tier platform in the 2018 edition of Rust, it made sense to hold an event, to get people working in this area in the same place at the same time.

    We started planning this conference a few months ago, and this week we finally announced it publicly.

    Where we are now

    Currently, we have opened presales for OxidizeConf tickets, and are working on securing a venue in Berlin, Germany. We've also set up an email newsletter so we can share updates like this in the future. We have already sold a number of presale tickets!

    Because we have not finalized a date, all presales will be fully refundable until two weeks after we have announced the final date. We will follow up directly with all presale ticket holders to make sure they can still attend on the final date(s).

    These presales and newsletter signups are critically important for us, as they help us with two main items: selecting the right size venue, and obtaining sponsorships for the event. If you can purchase a presale ticket, it would be greatly appreciated! If not, signing up for our newsletter helps us too.

    Sponsorships will help us provide things like diversity sponsorship tickets, increased financial support for speakers, catering for the event, and things like Rustlang compatible hardware as swag!

    If your company is interested in sponsoring our event financially, with hardware, or in other ways, please reach out to us at! We'll be publishing information on the different sponsor tiers in the near future.


    Currently, we are planning to host a one day, two track set of workshops run by Ferrous Systems. These will be paid workshops, separate from the Conference tickets, and pricing and ticket sales for these workshops will be announced soon.

    The tracks will be divided as "Beginner" and "Advanced" Embedded Rustlang development. The Beginner Track will be aimed at embedded developers new to Rust, and get them up and going in Embedded Rust development. The Advanced track will be focused on developers already familiar with Embedded and Rust, who are looking to get more comfortable developing drivers and applications.

    Participants will be provided all embedded hardware necessary for the course.

    1. Beginner Track, Morning Class
      • Introduce the Rust Programming Language
      • Introduce Embedded Specific Packages and Tooling
      • Blinking your first LED in Rust
    2. Beginner Track, Afternoon Class
      • Writing application code in Rust
      • Interfacing with external components
      • Writing your first sensor driver
    3. Advanced Track, Morning Class
      • Quick review of Embedded Specific Packages and Tooling
      • Interfacing with a wireless radio
      • Wireless packet based communication
    4. Advanced Track, Afternoon Class
      • Writing non-blocking concurrent drivers
      • Using Traits to write and use portable drivers
      • Building higher level interfaces on top of low level drivers

    Conference and Talks

    In the next few weeks, we will be releasing a CFP for talks on Embedded Development. We expect to have 6-8 30 minute talks. We'd love to have talks that cover a wide range of experience, from developers completely new to embedded systems, to success stories of using Rust in released products!

    We'll follow up with more details about the CFP process, and what our timelines for submission are soon.

    Embedded Impl Days

    We will have a two day Impl Period for developers looking to collaborate on Embedded Rust projects. If you're interested in building crates for devices, sensors, or controllers, or just working on your own embedded project side by side with other Embedded Rust developers, come join us! These days will be open to the public, and will be open to attendees of the conference or any of the workshops.

    Wrapping up

    We're excited to see you all in Berlin next year! Please make sure to checkout the OxidizeConf website, where you can purchase presale tickets or sign up for our newsletter. If you have any questions, send us a message on twitter, or by email at We'd love to hear from you!