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Oxidize 2020 Update


Oxidize 2020 Update

Announcing Dates and CFP Information

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    After an amazing response to our initial announcement, we're ready to share more details about Oxidize 2020! Here's a quick summary of the information:

    Conference Dates and Location

    Oxidize 2020 will take place over four days:

    Workshops - Friday, July 17th

    We will be having full-day trainings on Rust and Embedded Rust. These tickets are sold separately from the main conference event, and include any necessary hardware. This year we will initially be offering the following three workshops:

    Embedded Application Development - This course is intended to teach developers how to build embedded applications in Rust, focusing on how to use foundational libraries, driver crates, and embedded-hal abstractions to write safe, portable, and efficient code in a productive way. This course is suitable for embedded beginners, but experience with the Rust language is recommended.

    Embedded Driver Development - This course is intended to teach developers how to build embedded drivers for microcontroller peripherals, external sensors, and actuators in Rust, focusing on how to develop portable drivers using embedded-hal abstractions, write robust and safe components verified at compile time, and write concurrent and performant libraries. This course is recommended for developers that are already familiar with embedded systems, the Rust programming language, and have previously written embedded Rust applications.

    General Rust Development - This course is intended for developers new to Rust, who would like hands-on training on learning the Rust programming language. This course does not address embedded topics, but is an excellent starting place for developers who want to learn more about Rust.

    We're also working on adding additional workshops if possible. We'll share information about these at a later date. Let us know if you have any requests!

    You can buy tickets to the workshops here.

    We have not yet announced the location of the workshops. We will provide this information to all participants at a later date.

    Conference - Saturday July 18th

    The main conference will be taking place at FORUM Factory Berlin.

    You can buy tickets for the conference here.

    Impl Days - Sunday July 19th and Monday July 20th

    We have not yet announced the location of the Impl Days. We will provide this information to all participants at a later date.

    The Impl Days are open to any participant who has purchased a workshop or conference ticket.

    The CFP is now Open!

    We have also opened our CFP! You can submit proposals for talks until Tuesday, March 31st!

    Oxidize wants to present the full gamut of the Rust Embedded scene, with a focus on real world and production use-cases. We welcome both hobbyists and professional developers to submit their proposals. Both beginner and experienced speakers are expressly welcome!

    If your talk is selected, you will receive a complimentary ticket to the conference day, and we will reimburse travel costs, including flights and hotels, up to a certain limit.

    We are looking for Sponsors!

    Last year our sponsors helped us to make Oxidize a reality, and to support the Embedded Rust community. If your company is interested in supporting Oxidize, we offer a number of sponsorship packages.

    A note regarding COVID-19

    We are keeping track of the status of COVID-19. At the moment, we do not believe that this will impact the planning of Oxidize Conference. We will keep monitoring the situation, and will announce any relevant changes if necessary.

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