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Knurling-rs changelog #12


Knurling-rs changelog #12

Published on 2 min read
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A tool set to develop embedded applications faster.
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    This is the 12th changelog for Knurling-rs, our push to sustainably build better tooling for developing and debugging Rust software for embedded systems. Knurling-rs includes a suite of tools that make it easier to develop, log, debug, and test your embedded Rust libraries and applications!

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    New knurling-sessions content

    Since the last changelog we have added content covering how to display CO2 sensor data on the ePaper display.

    Sponsors can check the new content in the Display Sensor Data section of knurling-books (check this sponsors dashboard thread for credentials and discussions)


    In this section, we highlight some community work to integrate knurling crates and content in other parts of the Rust ecosystem.

    Great job Matt!



    • #126 print a list of probes when multiple probes are found and none was selected



    • #321 ASCII hint (:a) is now respected when used together with the Format trait (=? and =[?]).


    • #129 reject use of defmt logs and the --no-flash flag.


    • #37 removed a link to a patch file that no longer applies from the README.
    • #20 README: changed the background of images from transparent to white so the images are visible when the documentation is viewed in "night reader" mode.

    Version Update Notification

    We've bumped no versions of our releases as a result of the changes listed above. Note that the defmt updates listed in this changelog are github-only; they will land in the v0.2 release.

    Internal Improvements


    • #325 Updated our UI tests to work with the latest stable release
    • #323 Merged Uxx(u64) (Ixx(i64)) and U128(u128) (u128(i128)) data variants

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    Knurling is mainly funded through GitHub sponsors. Sponsors get early access to the tools we are building and help us to support and grow the knurling tools and courses. Thank you to all of the people already sponsoring our work through the Knurling project!