Ferrous Systems online Rust courses

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    Ferrous Systems is a major Rust training provider and has been offering Rust trainings for all fields since 2015.

    Having invested some time and effort over the last month to provide an online offering, we are happy to announce our online training program!

    Much like our online conference offering, Oxidize 1k, we enjoy making our courses grasping and interactive!

    Changes to the curriculum

    We streamlined our curriculum to lean heavily on the potential of remote settings. This includes collaborative coding sessions using Visual Studio Live Share and organisation exercises using our online platforms whiteboard features.

    The flexibility we gain is also invested in enriching the workshops by leaning into all the trainers we have available - for example, a quick session on effective editor usage by Aleksey Kladov, author of rust-analyzer.

    The ease of setup of online sessions also allows us to give shorter, more specialized courses on our deep dive topics.

    Rust Experts

    As always, our Rust Experts product is available. Rust Experts is Q&A on hyperdrive: We answer any question, give recommendations for libraries and help in designing your code. We also do research for you! We do so both for public code as well as private codebases!

    Our new course offerings

    Online open enrollment classes

    Our constantly updated list of open enrollment classes can be found on our website. To keep up to date, please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter.

    Open enrollment classes are small and have detailed personal assistance at all times! All classes include a homework component that will be checked and reviewed by our trainers.

    These classes happen at different times of the day and should be accessible from most locations around the globe. If times are inconvenient for you, please let us know and we’ll try to find additional times!

    Topic deep dives

    Topic deep dives are shorter courses on specific subjects, such as unsafe Rust, embedded Rust driver development, asynchronous development and similar.

    Custom trainings on request

    As we’ve always been doing, we offer custom trainings on request. This usually took the form of a 2-5 days on site training, with everyone being in a room together for the whole day.

    Online trainings allow us to be more flexible on schedule: we are, for example, offering half-day sessions instead of full day sessions instead. This ends up as 6 morning or afternoon sessions, allowing attendees to mind other work on the same day.

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