Are you ready for Embedded Rust training?

Test your Rust skills

Published on 2 min read

    Are you ready for Embedded Rust training?

    We’re always ready to take on – and provide – more challenges through our Rust trainings. As Rust grows in adoption across various companies, demand is increasing for more advanced trainings.

    But that comes with its own challenges. In order for people to get the most of our trainings, we need to ensure they have the required level of knowledge so that they are advancing and not just playing catch up. With our “Embedded Rust Training”, we wanted to address this with an exercise that people can do at home to check their skills. With this self-test exercise, you can benchmark your Rust knowledge against what you should already know to really get the most out of “Embedded Rust Training”.

    The exercise at a glance:

    • Available via Github
    • Should take you about 60 minutes
    • Covers the following aspects:
      • Basic string parsing
      • Using match to handle Results
      • Using an enum as an Error type
      • Packages vs Crates, and using Cargo Workspaces
      • Using std::io traits to communicate over a TCP connection
      • Spawning threads
      • Sharing data between threads with Arc and Mutex

    To the exercise

    If you find that the terms are familiar, the exercises manageable and you reach the expected outcomes, then “Embedded Rust Training” should offer the right amount of learning and growth for you. However, if you feel that you need brushing up on some of the concepts, there are lots of resources available, including our “Introduction to Rust” course as well as various online training guides and YouTube videos that can help you strengthen your weak points.

    We also offer a combined course that takes learners through the “Introduction to Rust” course and then finishes with the “Embedded Rust Training” option over 8 half-days.

    As well as this knowledge, our “Embedded Rust Training” comes with hardware requirements (as outlined in the course description), so you should have some familiarity with that as well. Sound like you? Then you’re all clear to join the training and we feel confident that you’ll get the most out of it.

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