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Are you using Rust at work and looking for someone to answer your burning, individual Rust questions? Or do you wish someone would provide support on your journey towards becoming a Rust expert yourself?

Our Rust experts and trainers are happy to help for a fixed monthly price!

A Rust-Experts seat grants you chat-based access to our team comprised of individuals with years of Rust experience in different areas such as embedded Rust, the Rust compiler, or rust-analyzer.
Support is available in English and German.

Rust-Experts support you in all things Rust:

  • Answer your questions, both concrete and vague
  • Help you re-calibrate your mental models towards idiomatic Rust
  • Evaluate libraries with you
  • Share general tips and tricks
  • Optimize compile times
  • Find tiny fixes and bugs in tooling
  • Small scale code review
  • Small scale performance tuning
  • Literature research
  • Help choosing and evaluating embedded hardware

Individual Seat

€512/mo (excl. VAT)

Company Plan

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About us
A comic style drawing of Florian, semi-profile. He has a beard, his hair is rendered light blue.
Florian Gilcher
  • Rustacean since 2013
  • Part of the Rust project since 2015
  • Rust trainer since 2015
  • Network and distributed systems engineer
A comic style drawing of Jonathan. He has a beard, his hair is rendered yellow.
Jonathan Pallant
  • Applying Rust to Bare Metal systems since 2016
  • Founding member of the Rust Embedded Working Group
  • Loves using Rust on resource constrained systems, big and small!
A comic style drawing of Jonas. His hair is rendered light blue.
Jonas Schievink
  • Rustacean since 2014
  • Member of the Rust Release team
  • Builds maintainable and reliable Embedded Systems
  • Also interested in compilers, tooling and networking
A comic style drawing of Jorge, semi-profile. His hair is rendered green.
Jorge Aparicio
  • Contributor to the Rust project since 2014
  • Founder of the Rust Embedded Working Group
  • Author of several widely used embedded Rust libraries
  • Loves writing software for resource constrained devices and static analysis tools
A comic style drawing of Pietro, semi-profile. His hair is rendered blue.
Pietro Albini
  • Rustacean since 2016
  • Lead of the Rust project's infrastructure
  • Served on the Rust Core Team for two years
  • Handles security vulnerability reports for both Rust and LLVM
  • Loves automated testing and solid tooling


€512/month for individuals and single-person businesses. Businesses: let's chat! Not sure which plan fits your needs? Feel free to get in contact.

Individual Seat

€512/mo (excl. VAT)

Company Plan

contact us

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Why Ferrous?

We're your support crew

Have an idea that you'd like to research but want to continue working on your main tasks? Send us a question! Have a gnarly problem to debug, but would really like to continue working? We'll do that for you.

Spend your time on the problems that matter to your business.

Get out of the door quickly

New product development often includes a lot of early decisions. How do I lay out my codebase, which library to pick to get started, what is a good strategy to grow a good codebase? We know all that, and we're here to help!

There's no need to bring in day-to-day consulting if you can just get specific questions answered.

Your time is valuable, so why not ask people that probably already know?

Inspired by

This service is inspired by Monadfix, who help with Haskell, Clojure and Agda