Rust for critical systems, enabling engineers to ship safe and correct code, faster.

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Ferrocene is a qualified Rust compiler tool chain. With this, Ferrous Systems invested its decade of Rust experience to make Rust a first-class language for mission-critical and functional safety systems.

For its first release, Ferrocene is a ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 qualified version of the existing open-source compiler, rustc. We plan to work on standards like DO-178C, ISO 21434, and IEC 62278 in the future.

Join us for our birthday and announcement party on October 4th, 2023, online.

Release Candidate access

Ferrocene is a principled project with a lot of work ahead, requiring cross-industry collaboration and continuous feedback. It has support from crucial industry partners and subject experts, but we need to build a thoughtful community.

Right now, Ferrous Systems and the Ferrocene team are looking for integration partners:

  • Safety-critical sectors, such as automotive, railway, and aerospace
  • Operators of mission-critical infrastructure with high-reliability and security concerns, such as cloud vendors
  • Operators of build environments, like CI/CD services
  • Hardware vendors
  • Compiler vendors
  • Formal verification and formal reasoning practitioners and tool vendors

If this describes you or your organization, we’d love to hear from you and talk about how we can support your goals. Our partners get exclusive early access to Ferrocene releases and custom research and development with dedicated engineers.

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Long-Term Support while never losing upstream

Rust moves fast. Ferrocene allows you to pick your pace by never losing upstream itself, while supporting older versions to your needs. We ship all available Rust compilers for all your needs.

Supply Chain Security

Ferrocene goes beyond the compiler in keeping all aspects of the software being built in mind, particularly the distribution, traceability and use of own or foreign libraries.

We’re committed to providing secure, auditable distribution channels for these toolchain updates. Active communication of issues to clients and helping with fixes rounds up the package.


Ferrocene is committed to strong compatibility with the Rust project's Rust distribution.


The Ferrocene project acts as a beacon and gathering place for mission and safety-critical concerns in the Rust project. This includes strong testing of the very core of the language on a number of specialized platforms. We’re creating a developer representation and raising the visibility of these industries in the Rust ecosystem. As a downstream of the main Rust project, we see it as a force multiplier.

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