Aleksey | | 8 min read

Rust Analyzer in 2018 and 2019

Hi! I am Aleksey Kladov (aka @matklad). In the past, I've worked at Jet Brains where I've helped to create the IntelliJ Rust plug-in, and now I am a part of the Ferrous Systems team. I've spent a significant amount of the last year experimenting with...
James | | 4 min read

Oxidize - The Embedded Rust Conference

Now that we have announced OxidizeConf, we wanted to share a bit more detail about what is going on behind the scenes, what we have planned already, and what to expect. Some details may change as we get closer to the final date. TL;DR We're currently...
Florian | | 2 min read

The last few weeks at Ferrous Systems

Hello everyone and welcome to our first blog post! We became a little silent after announcing this company at RustConf. This was mostly due to finalising all the paperwork. We wanted to take the chance to introduce ourselves a little and talk about...