James | | 6 min read

One Month of Knurling-rs

Just over a month ago, we announced Knurling-rs, our push to sustainably build better tooling for developing and debugging Rust software for embedded systems. In the past month, we've made some amazing achievements. We've released a number of tools...
Tanks | | 4 min read

Learning Embedded Rust with Knurling-rs

Having a good set of tooling is only half of the story in making it easier to develop and debug Rust software for embedded systems. The other half is knowledge and documentation. This is where Knurling Books and Knurling Sessions are brought into...
Jonas | | 4 min read

Using `cargo test` for embedded testing with `panic-probe`

We're happy to announce the newest crate published as part of our knurling project: panic-probe. panic-probe is a simple panic and fault handler that integrates into probe-run, our host-side tooling for embedded programs. When using panic-probe in...
Jorge | | 11 min read

defmt, a highly efficient Rust logging framework for embedded devices

Today we are thrilled to announce the public release of defmt ("de format"). defmt stands for "deferred formatting" and it's a highly efficient logging framework. As we covered in our blog post about embedded tooling for the 21st century we hope defmt
Lotte | | 2 min read

Run Rust on your embedded device from VSCode in one click

The rust-analyzer plugin for VSCode provides you with a helpful little ▶ Run button above every test or main() function that lets you execute your code right out of the editor. Unfortunately though, this won't work out of the box in embedded projects...